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Monday, 25 August 2008

Anti Semitic assault victim gets apology from Victoria Police

Menachem Vorchheimer

From the Australian

Race hate victim settles police dispute

VICTORIA Police will educate officers on race relations after admitting an officer failed to intervene in an attack on a Jewish man.

The police force agreed to use the treatment of Melbourne businessman Menachem Vorchheimer in educating its officers about prejudice.

Mr Vorchheimer forced the police into the embarrassing admission of wrongdoing after he was attacked in October 2006 by a group of drunken country footballers who were on a mini-bus being driven by off-duty policeman Terence Moore.

Senior Constable Moore will now assist in educating other police officers about dealing with situations involving racial and religious vilification, Victoria Police said today.

"Victoria Police proposes Snr Const Moore's experience and that of Mr Vorchheimer and his family, be incorporated into training utilised in developing and training its people,'' Deputy Commissioner Simon Overland said.

He said the force regretted Mr Vorchheimer was beaten up in front of his young children, suffered pro-Nazi and anti-semitic abuse and had his yamulka and shabbat hat stolen by the Ocean Grove footballers on the bus as it drove through Caulfield.

"Such conduct can only be described as disgraceful and should not be tolerated in our community against anyone,'' Mr Overland said.

"Victoria Police is of the view that Snr Const Moore made an error of judgment and did not act in a positive manner to intervene at the earliest opportunity.''

Mr Vorchheimer told reporters he had never sought nor received financial compensation.

He said the aim of his two-year battle at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal against police had been to remove racial and religious vilification.

"Looking at the bigger picture we believe the outcome supports our endeavours for the betterment of the community,'' Mr Vorchheimer said.

"We want to reverse certain things that are not right in our community.''

Mr Vorchheimer, who sat in front of the bus refusing to let it pass after being attacked, began a two-year crusade against the police and later moved his family to the US.

He has now moved back to Melbourne.

Following the incidents, the Ocean Grove football club's captain, James Dalton, 28, was fined for offensive behaviour without a conviction and Matthew Cuthbert, 24, was convicted and fined for using insulting language.

Charges of theft and assault against Dalton and Cuthbert were dropped.


The Australian:
Race hate victim settles police dispute


Driva said...

ANIT SEMITIC assault ... (your article 25/8/08) should read ANTI Semitic ...
But apart from correcting spelling errors I have strong opinions regarding the Jewish people.
They are the apple of God's eye. The God of Israel is the only true God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. I love HIM.
Kind regards
Dieter Fischer
Adelaide, Australia

Mr Bagel said...

Thanks Dieter, a rather glaringly obvious spelling mistake has been corrected. By the way you've made a mistake in your signature, your web address is www.dieterfischer.com
best regards
Mr Bagel

Anonymous said...

Whats with the black eye. No one got charged with physical assault did they?

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