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Tuesday, 17 July 2007

It's so cold.....
Living on an exposed ridge as the wind chill factor roars in

That's not snow, thats ice and frost, mid this morning.

NSW in grip of coldest July since 1986

Tuesday Jul 17 16:09 AEST

Snow and icy winds are predicted to hit western NSW on Wednesday as the entire state continues to shiver in the coldest July temperatures in two decades.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) says even the NSW central west city of Dubbo, which is just 300 metres above sea level on the western plains, could see some snow.

"It's not impossible. It's possible the city will get a little bit of a dusting," BOM senior meteorologist Peter Zmijewski said.

The bureau is predicting that snow will fall in many areas as low as 600 metres - a contrast to Victoria, where it is expected to be as low as 400 metres on the Dandenongs - and that the cold spell will be accompanied by isolated rain.

Mr Zmijewski warned graziers across NSW of impending very cold south-westerly winds and wet weather on Tuesday night, ahead of even cooler temperatures on Wednesday.

He said the temperatures would probably not be as cold as the state had already experienced, but would feel colder because of the chill factor.

"The maximum temperatures are going to plunge ... because of cold southwesterly winds," he said.

"Because of the chill factor in the wind, it is going to feel much colder."

Sydney on Tuesday recorded a low of 3.7 degrees celsius - its coldest July temperature since 1986, while Richmond in Sydney's north-west recorded a minimum of minus 3.7 degrees.

In 1986, Sydney's temperature fell to 3.1 degrees.

Mr Zmijewski said the extreme temperatures were the result of a high pressure system producing clear skies and low winds.

"For the last few days there has been a strong high ... clear skies, little wind and moisture," Mr Zmijewski said.

"And it is winter after all."

Bagelblogger: Mr Bagel is so cold, I'm sitting here with 4 blankets on, 2 jumpers, 2 tops and a polar jacket and I'm still cold... To those use to sub zero temperatures this might seem a little bizarre, but what is a worry is its the middle of the day, we haven't even seen the night yet. We live were its 5 degrees colder than Sydney, last night was below 0 degrees.

We're currently going through a tonne of firewood every 2 weeks.

By the way did I tell you it's cold?

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