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Saturday, 28 July 2007

No clemency plea for Bali Nine inmates from PM

PRIME Minister John Howard said he did not use talks today with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to seek clemency for six Australians on death row in Bali.
Six members of the Bali Nine drug ring are fighting to escape the death sentences they received over a failed attempt to smuggle heroin into Australia in April 2005.

Mr Howard said the case came up "naturally" during his talks in Bali today with Mr Yudhoyono, as part of a broader discussion about a possible prisoner exchange treaty between the two countries.
"It's quite inappropriate to be raising issues of clemency at this time, quite inappropriate and I have not raised them because those matters are still before the courts," Mr Howard said.

"I have complete respect for the court processes here in Indonesia. (I mentioned to the president) that there was a sensitivity and interest in the case (but) the overwhelming majority of Australians understood and strongly supported the anti-drug laws of Indonesia."

"I think young Australians ... who pretend that they don't know the consequences of trafficking in drugs in Indonesia, or in other parts of Asia, are deluding themselves.

"My warning to Australians is don't mess with the laws of other countries - you can't expect that Australian law will follow you around the world."

Mr Yudhoyono would not be drawn on whether he would consider clemency for the six.

"Drug-related crime is a very serious crime for Indonesia," he said.

"We take strong measures to fight that kind of crime to save our future, to save our generations.
"Of course we are cooperating in this matter with the government of Australia to do our best in preventing those crimes happening here in Indonesia.

"I assure you, we are maintaining our communication and consultation while respecting the law that is practised in each country, Indonesia and Australia."

Bagelblogger: When exactly is a good time to raise issues of clemency Mr Howard? Once all avenues of the justice process are extinguished, and Indonesia's fast paced capital punishment system steps in?

Knowing the influence public opinion and the media has over the Indonesian Justice system (Please spare me the protestations), I would have thought now was a better time than ever.

You're cavalier attitude to the pending execution of these Australians will be translated into an implied consent for Indonesia's partial and unfair justice system.

Any Justice system that awards inmates from one religion, and not others has to be seen for what it is, a poll driven and opportunistic travesty of justice.

Here we have the Bali bombers and their cohorts receiving sentences as low as 2 years whilst 3 Australians are facing long Jail terms and 6 may pay for your indifference with their lives.

I don't think for a second these 9 Australians are 'innocent angels' but the process the AFP has played in this affair, the promises the AFP made and have broken, and your inactions are more than criminal Prime Minister Howard.

News.com.au: No clemency plea for Bali Nine inmates from PM


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