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Monday, 27 August 2007

$84 Million dollars down the drain?

Student cracks Government's $84m porn filter

A MELBOURNE schoolboy has cracked the Federal Government's new $84 million internet porn filter in minutes.

Tom Wood, 16, said it took him just over 30 minutes to bypass the Government's filter, released on Tuesday.

Tom, a year 10 student at a southeast Melbourne private school, showed the Herald Sun how to deactivate the filter in a handful of clicks.

Parents easily fooled

His technique ensures the software's toolbar icon is not deleted, leaving parents under the impression the filter is still working.

A former cyber bullying victim, Tom feared a computer-savvy child could work out the bypass and put it on the Internet for others to use.

Tom, who spoke to Communications Minister Helen Coonan about cyber safety during a forum in May, said the Federal Government should have developed a better Australian made filter.

"It's a horrible waste of money," he said.

Bagelblogger: I've got to say, I provided the link on this blog to download this free software, and I've already downloaded versions of Apple and PC for my own families need, on the very first day.

My children are preschool and early school aged, they aren't going to be trying to crack filter software any time soon.

For children older than them and especially boys, I think the challenge to crack this software, and find 'ways around it' will be very tempting indeed.

I fully expect theres a chance the federal government may wake up from its slumber of stupidity one day and decide not to issue any more licenses.

I can't believe the federal government could be so stupid to spend 84 Million dollars on software over three years.

They could have easily had an Australian owned and based software writer produce better software for less than 5 million dollars, whilst generating a swathe of jobs in a rural city for its call support.
It makes me think if Communications Minister Helen Coonan is so incompetent when it comes to obtaining software at a reasonable price, then why are we trusting her and her personal vendettas to decide a multi billion dollar layout of 'high speed internet'?

Her incompetence with regard to her support of a vastly inferior broadband network is going to affect Australia's opportunities for a generation to come.

Herald Sun: Student cracks Government's $84m porn filter


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