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Sunday, 12 August 2007

Tunnel Vision or Selective reporting?

Is the ABC becoming Myopic?

After reading the article: Two children killed in Gaza blast I was so incensed by the inaccuracy I wrote a letter of complaint to the ABC.
Article: Two children killed in Gaza blast

A Letter to Australian ABC

Re: Two children killed in Gaza blast
[Aug 7 6.23pm AEST]

Where as the vast majority of the world's news outlets exercised caution and refrained from directly stating that it was an 'Israeli Shell' exploding that caused the deaths of two children in Gaza recently.

The ABC chose to point the blame directly and squarely at Israel without any cross checking or checking for accuracy of the news feed. (AFP)

"Two Palestinian children have been killed in the northern Gaza Strip after an Israeli shell they were playing with exploded, witnesses and medics said."

Now that the information to the story has actually changed within hours of the ABC publishing the story, you have still not corrected the story, nor added any Footnoted correction to it.

I find it appalling that your staff writer has chosen to not only believe the information, but selectively taken the 'report' out of context and omitted essential information.

Re: 'Possibly from an unexploded Palestinian rocket'

Considering it came from "witnesses and medics" situated in Gaza should not this information have deserved to be checked carefully? Surely a news agency such as the Australian ABC must realise a lot of the news coming from Gaza is prone to inaccuracy and manipulation.

Considering the impact and bias that your inaccurate reporting will and has caused, should not a retraction and/or apology be in order?

Kind regards Aaron
[Mr Bagel]

ABC NEWS: Two children killed in Gaza blast

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